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Business Items

Hi everyone,

A few important items of business:

1. Minutes from our meeting are available here (formerly the agenda):
Please do review any action items that you may have (nicely tallied at the
bottom, thank you Josh!) And feel free to comment if things need amending.

2. Ventilation: Open windows and cold weather don't play nice. Also, cases
are rising and flu season is here.
Please take a few moments to fill out https://forms.gle/AC7NvnGgrXcKL1ag6
Advent/Old North both, or you can fill it out twice if you're so inclined.

3. I think everyone is aware that Sunday meet is now 9:50. (I recognize
that many of us are not the punctual type, but just want to make this
widely-known since it is a change from before)

4. Finances meeting: Monday Dec 13 at 7:30 (sorry online handbellers, it's
the most convenient time slot). Feel free to start brainstorming things to
discuss and things to do with money here:

LMK if you have any questions.
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