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Treasurer's report (slightly unusual)

The unusual part is that it won't include any numbers because I'm 
uncomfortable putting dollar amounts in a group email. 
We have a lot of money. Really, a lot. If you want the breakdown I can 
send it individually, or you can just hear it on Monday at the meeting. 

Income: Wedding money came in, most of it went to pay ringers, a little 
was left over. There were some quarter peal fees at the Advent. 

Expenditures: After a couple of donations to the churches early in the 
Pandemic, we have not spent any more than petty cash in a year and a half. 
Some tape for the Advent. The batch of One Per Learners that is on its way 
from the book service. If people pay for something small out of pocket, 
please reimburse yourself, or ask me (I do this too, so I understand the 
inclination to just let it go, but see above - we have a lot of money). 

Things we didn't pay for because we didn't have to: 
Old North paid all the expenses for the tenor part. We didn't buy any 
treats or T fare for IAP students. We have not paid for the Ringing World 
during this time, unrelated to the pandemic. A couple of years ago, an 
audit of some sort revealed that the people & groups with Overseas 
subscriptions had been paying too much, for ages. In recompense, 
long-standing subscriptions were extended. Ours expires in August 2022. We 
will need to decide whether to carry on with a paper subscription, or 
switch to the new group online subscription. I haven't investigated it, 
just know that it exists. 

Laura Dickerson 
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