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Team for November Walk/Run Challenge

Hi all,

Phoebe and I have signed up our team (Stedman Canters) for the Beat the Bay
State challenge again this year. It's a fundraiser for WalkBoston- the goal
being for a team to collectively walk/run 900 miles (i.e. the perimeter of
MA) over the course of November.

Whether or not we come close is mostly irrelevant, but we found it quite
motivational for getting outside last year as the weather gets colder and

We'd love to have you join, and I'm more than happy to contribute the ~$20
reg. fee for anyone who doesn't wish to pay, even if you only walk the 1.3
mi from Advent to Old North once all month.

Lmk if you have any questions or run into any sign-up issues.

Happy cantering,
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