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Re: ON sexton getting married 9/11

   I would say yes, surely we should do it as a gift. I will be out of 
town, though,  so maybe I'm not the best one to answer.

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Subject: ON sexton getting married 9/11

Hi all,

The ON sexton, Tim Wenrich, is getting married at old north on 9/11. He's
asked for ringing, so we should expect to provide that.

I also wanted to raise the question of whether we could do this one gratis
as a gift from the band for all Tim's support over the years. Glad of
thoughts there.

I don't actually know detailed timings yet, so will be in touch with those
and a request for ringers closer to the time. If you already know you'd
like to ring please feel free to let me know at this stage.


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