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Practice Updates (with new methods to study!)

Hi everyone,

Some updates from practice:
- As far as mask use goes, my protocol is as follows: come prepared to wear
masks for all of practice. If all those attending are comfortable without
masks, then they may become optional for that session. Keeping the
attendance sheet up to date helps with this. And it is the sort of thing
that we should keep reevaluating as we learn more about delta, cases, etc.
- This has not been an issue yet, but I will go ahead and make it explicit
that vaccination is required to attend practice and service ringing.

- Surprise Methods:
Now the fun part. I don't particularly like having everybody cram different
methods during practice if we can help it. And I'd like us to start
dedicating more time to new (and old) methods. So, I'm proposing we have
methods of the "month" (where "month" is more like 6-8 weeks, depending on
how often we get the numbers to ring it).
I think a major and minor makes sense, and they can have independent
time-frames. These will be the default "surprise" to ring when the
opportunity warrants, though some time will be spent reviewing older
methods as well (and maybe even splicing them together). Some may be more
approachable than others, but I figure working through the PPE core-7 is a
good place to start.

I am going to declare that last "month" was Bristol S Major and Norwich S
I would like next "month" to be Cornwall S Major and London S Minor.

And we will keep Cambridge Minor around of course.

Happy studying!

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