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Re: Ringing for July 4th Weekend

John, I would like to ring at Advent for a short while, but will not be 
available a Old North. If this does not work for the plans, no,problem, I 
will take a first ring on Wednesday.

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On Saturday, June 26, 2021, 7:17 PM, John Bihn <jrb8alumni gmail com> 


I wanted to give an update on ringing and events for the 4th of July
weekend. For planning purposes, please let me know which you are available
for, or fill out the ringing spreadsheet.

*Sat. July 3 - **There will not be Saturday practice at Old North*, due to
other musical events at the church. Instead, *at 10 am on Saturday we will
be attempting a quarter peal*. We are arranging a band based on
availability/status of the tenor; please let me know if you are available.

*Sun. July 4 *- Advent is holding one service, beginning at 10 am. *At
Advent, we will ring starting at 11 am/whenever the service ends, and then
move to Old North to ring from 12 - 12:50 pm.* If we have
sufficient ringers, we may split the band to ensure enough ringers at each

*Afternoon/Evening of July 4* - *There will be no evening tower bell
ringing*. Greg and Cathy Russell have invited ringers to a semi pot-luck
the afternoon/evening of July 4th in Dracut - please refer to the earlier
email for details.

Please email me with any questions, and let me know your availability for
planning purposes if you haven't already.

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