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Fourth of July

Hi all,

We've been holding off until we knew what was happening with Boston Pops.
Since Laura wrote that the concert will be at Tanglewood, we'd like to
invite everyone out to our place in Dracut after ringing on Sunday for a
BBQ and general mayhem, afternoon/evening.

If we have to move inside for bad weather, we can work with that.

How would folks feel about a semi pot-luck.  We can provide a gas grill,
charcoal grill, and camp fire for cooking S'mores, drinks, ice, hamburgers
and hot dogs (veggie versions available).  Could others bring some sides
and desserts to share?  Service ringing, mta, and ride shares might
complicate that for some.  We can set up a spreadsheet for folks to
coordinate, maybe both food and rides.

The sailboat, small motorboat, canoe and kayak will be available for use -
we have plenty of life jackets, including child sizes.  If someone
expresses interest, we might be able to dig out some windsurfing stuff.

If anyone wants to bring along yard games, there is some lawn that might

In the past, a neighbor down the lake has put on a pretty good fireworks
show, though we don't know if it will happen again this year.  Be aware
that by the time it starts it's pretty buggy outside (we do live in a
swamp), but it can also be partially viewed from inside.

We are both fully vaccinated, and prefer that other adults attending will
be too, but if you aren't, please let others know ahead of time, wear a
mask and social distance.  We hope some will bring their children, and
everyone should recognize that children won't be vaccinated, and that there
are associated risks.

If you could give a quick response if you think you are likely to come,
that will help planning, and we can get more detail through spreadsheets a
bit later.

Greg and Cathy
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