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ON Ringing for Memorial Day


Old North has reached out to us to request ringing for Memorial Day in the
late morning/early afternoon on Monday. For this, they had a quarter peal
attempt in mind (most likely of minor) if we have a willing and available
band, or otherwise we’ll arrange ringing for about that duration.

Could you let me know if you are available next Monday, and what you are
willing to ring (QP vs general method ringing). Additionally, for this
holiday weekend, please let me know if you are available for Sunday service
ringing at Advent (10:35 am) and/or ON (11:50 am). For both, I will
coordinate bands based on responses received.

Thank you for your input earlier this month on our questions about resuming
ringing. Austin and I are coordinating with the churches and each other and
look forward to ringing with you all soon!

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