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Re: Join the New Email List for North American Ringers!

Apologies if this was already forwarded to bcr. It looks like the NAGCR 
launched a new email list for North American ringers- feel free to join 
using the guidance below!


> On Jan 4, 2021, at 10:31 PM, Mary Platt <platt mary gmail com> wrote:
> Dear NAGCR Members,
> On behalf of the Executive Committee, I’m inviting you to join a new 
> email list, NAGCR groups io <mailto:NAGCR groups io>, for conversations 
> among North American ringers and friends of North American ringing. 
> This list replaces two lists dating from 2003 and 2004 (nag-talk 
> yahoogroups com <mailto:nagtalk yahoogroups com> and nagcr yahoogroups 
> com <mailto:nagcr yahoogroups com> ) that shut down on December 15, 2020 
> when Yahoo stopped hosting group email lists.  Members of those lists 
> were notified of the new list in early November, 2020, so they could 
> join before the old ones went away.  We’re now letting all members of 
> the North American Guild of Change Ringers – that’s YOU! -  know about 
> the list in case you’d like to join.
> Most list members are North American ringers, but there are also members 
> from other countries, and you don’t have to ring in order to join.  Like 
> the old lists, the new one is  “private” (not visible to the general 
> public), and only list members can send mail to the list.  While there 
> hadn’t been a lot of email traffic on the old lists in recent years, 
> they did provide a handy forum for the occasional ringing query or 
> conversation related to North American ringing.  Maybe if more people 
> know about and join the list, it will be used more.
> If you want to join the list, send a blank email (no Subject or Text) to 
> NAGCR+subscribe groups io <mailto:NAGCR+subscribe groups io>.  You’ll 
> get an email back asking you to confirm that you want to join by 
> replying to that message.  Once your membership in the list is 
> activated, you’ll receive a “Welcome” email and can then receive/send 
> emails from/to the list.
> Questions?  Let me know!
> Yours,
> Quilla  (List Admin)

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