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Service Ringing at Old North


As announced during today's Advent and MIT Guild Meetings, we have received
approval to conduct service ringing at Old North. In order to plan
logistics for service ringing at both towers, I've attached a survey to
understand ringers' comfort level and concerns regarding service ringing:


I will send a follow-up about specific scheduling to those ringers who
express interest.

After discussing with guild members, we plan to resume ringing at Old North
using the same protocols implemented for Church of the Advent
- 15 minutes of masked service ringing on four non-consecutive bells. One
logistical note is that in recent months, Old North has removed the glass
windows in the ringing room, and replaced them with plywood boards that
cannot be opened during ringing.

To reiterate our thoughts from today's meeting, we never want any ringer to
ever feel pressure to ring in an environment they are uncomfortable with.
Simultaneously, we hope these arrangements allow for those interested to
participate in service ringing, and invite any interested ringer capable of
handling a bell on their own to indicate their interest.

Thank you,
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