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Fw: [WRS] New Biography of George Pipe Available for Order Soon

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The publication date for the George Pipe biography that John Loveless has 
been writing has been announced:  November 6.  It should be a interesting 
and fun read, including both anecdotes and drawings from George as well as 
photographs of people/places/things.   Here’s a link to the promo blurb on 
the Central Council website ( 


While you can order the book directly from the Ringing World now, I highly 
recommend you hold off for a little while. Although the single copy price 
for UK purchasers is £18.50, international postage from the UK has become 
VERY expensive, and the RW price including postage will be £30 (~$40) for 
individual copies for copies sent to the US.   However, since better 
quantity pricing is being offered through the end of the 2020, we’re 
encouraging people who want the book to order it through the NAG Book 
Service.  The Book Service will be able to combine individual orders and 
thence get the lower pricing.  Bruce is already talking with the RW to get 
final pricing.  If at least 5 books are ordered, the per-copy price 
including postage will likely drop to around $30 (and possibly lower if 
there are 10 or more ordered).  


If you’re interested in this book, watch for more info in the next couple 
of weeks about ordering it through the Book Service.   


Background:  George Pipe was a member of the band of English ringers who 
were brought over to ring for the dedication of the Cathedral bells in May 
1964.  He was thereafter a friend of Washington ringing and ringers.  
George came from a great ringing family and was himself a renowned ringer 
who lead an interesting life, including time in Australia as well as the 


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