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COVID Ringing at Advent Survey (August)

Hi all,

In response to some of the discussion about starting some form of tower
ringing again, I've put together a survey to gauge interest level and
gather feedback on various precautions that can be put in place.

Dale and I have been in communication about the best way to formulate a
plan, and we are in agreement that it is much more important to take our
time and make sure we're being adequately cautious to keep everyone safe
than trying to rush it because laws allow.

Dale has been in contact with the church about what might be possible in
the short-term (there's no such thing as long-term anymore 😢). On that
note, a) it is easier to have this discussion with them if we have a
tentative plan in mind, and b) this plan is likely to evolve as the COVID
situation develops.

Basically, this means 2 things:
1) This survey is non-binding in both directions. This survey going out
doesn't guarantee that ringing will happen in August: everything here is
tentative. Conversely, agreeing to ring and changing your mind later (or
vv) is totally acceptable.
2) I anticipate sending out a version of this survey every 1-2 months to
reassess as things change.

Feel free to fill it out even if you have no intention of ringing any time
soon. And don't hesitate to reach out with all comments/questions/concerns,
or leave them in the survey.

Now without further ado:

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