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Re: Starting ringing

So maybe four pre-registered people, ringing the 1,4,6 & 8?


On Mon, Jul 20, 2020 at 9:17 AM <lauradi rcn com> wrote:

> They have done a good job with this list. The Change-ringing online group
> has had a lot of stuff as well, including a long thread called 
> staircases,
> which mentions the only one person touches stuff rule. The stairs (and at
> the Advent, anteroom) don't leave room for distancing, so a sequential
> arrival would be needed, with the first person up opening windows.
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> Subject: Starting ringing
> The list of items below has been given some thought by the DC ringers.
> Some items are not applicable to Boston ringing, but this might be a good
> starting point for a discussion in Boston.
> Ed
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> From: Robert Bannister
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> Subject: [WRS] PLEASE RESPOND re: safety measures
> Hi, all. Thanks to all who participated in the discussion following
> practice Tuesday night regarding the draft list of safety measures. After
> further back and forth among the officers, we landed on the revised list
> below. Please reply to me by this Wednesday night (July 22) as to whether
> you’d be interested in participating in Sunday service ringing with these
> safety measures in place. Your response doesn’t obligate you one way or 
> the
> other. You can change your mind later. And keep in mind that the safety
> measure may need to be updated to conform with Cathedral reopening
> protocols once those are developed and provided to us. However, we are
> trying to understand if enough ringers are interested in a return to 
> Sunday
> service ringing with these measures in place before we present them to 
> the
> Cathedral, so please do give your response some thought before 
> responding.
> Thanks,
> Rob
> • Inspect the bells and ropes to ensure they’re safe to ring
> • Anyone with an elevated temperature or otherwise feeling unwell must 
> not
> participate. Likewise, anyone with Covid symptoms or who has tested
> positive or been in contact with anyone with symptoms, must not 
> participate
> until they have self-isolated for 2 weeks.
> • No visitors
> • Limit frequency of ringing to Sunday service ringing only (at least
> initially)
> • Limit the duration of ringing to 15-30 minutes
> • Limit the number of bells rung initially to enforce social distancing
> while ringing (probably no more than 5 non-adjacent bells)
> • Limit the number of ringers in the ringing room (just enough to ring)
> • Keep ringers on same ropes for entire session (including ringing up and
> down)
> • Accessing the ringing room
> o When ascending to and descending from the overcroft level, no more than
> 2 people will ride the elevator together
> o When using the central tower elevator, only 1 person will ride the
> elevator per trip
> o When using the spiral staircase, leave ample time and space between
> ascents/descents
> • Either open the windows or run the HVAC system to maximize air
> circulation based on prevailing weather conditions
> • Wear face masks upon entering the Cathedral and at all times when in 
> the
> tower, including while ringing
> • Wash hands with soap and water before/after ringing and keep hand
> sanitizer in the ringing room
> • Avoid shouting (e.g., by ringing plain courses of simple methods)
> • Minimize sharing of items
> o Assign only one person to turn on/off lights, open/close windows, etc.
> o Assign same person for removal/replacement of silencer for given 
> bell(s)
> o Minimize handling of items in the ringing room (e.g., limit use of 
> water
> cooler)
> • Maintain record of ringers who have been in the ringing chamber to
> assist with contact tracing if the need arises
> • Adjust protocols to comply with Cathedral’s if Cathedral’s are more
> restrictive
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