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Old North plan was Re: June 12, 2020 Update from the Church of the Advent

Old North has a detailed plan for in-person services, when the time comes. 
They have figured out a chart of 

which pews to close off to keep people distanced. There will be one Sunday 
service at the compromise time of 10 AM. The services will be morning 
prayer only, no congregational singing, no touching anybody. Masks. To 
keep the numbers under control, parishioners must register in advance 
before attending, and at first no passersby will be welcomed into the 
service. That last bit seems most extreme to me, although I understand the 
idea of number limits. But it makes me wonder philosophically what the 
purpose of service ringing might be under those circumstances, even if 
there is a safe way to do it (this is *me* wondering, not anybody from the 
parish). We don't call people to the service at Old North anyway, since we 
ring afterward, but we do say something like "Hi, this is a church, not a 
museum. And it's Sunday." 
Services will still be available online, and I think they'll keep doing 
their zoom coffee hour. 

Laura Dickerson 
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