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Virtual Seattle ringing day

I have cut and pasted this from the nag-talk list, knowing that some of 
you don't get the nag-talk or nagcr list emails. (you could always sign 
up...) Any questions go to Rebecca, not to me. 
Laura Dickerson 

>>Please join us ON-LINE for the Seattle Anniversary Weekend 2020, on 
Sat 13th June from 11am-4pm Seattle time (PDT). 
a mix of 
- RingingRoom Ringing (Leland and Bryn, the ringingroom creators, are 
coming to help) 
- a talk on Music Theory and Method Visualizations, by Alison Stevens of 
- a Seattle Minor Interactive Bell Challenge (bring pen and paper) 

All ringers (NAG or not) are welcome! Never used ringing room, or couldn’t 
get it to work? Don’t let that put you off, we’ll help you work it out! 

This is also the traditional weekend for the Philly St Martin's 40th 
Birthday Bash. So let's celebrate that too. 

For schedule, all the links you need and for the sign-up sheet (optional 
but it helps us plan), go to: 


Hope you can make it. (On-line means no need to bring a bumbershoot!) 

The Seattle Ringers. 

Questions? Contact rebeccawoodgate yahoo com << 
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