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Virtual Ringing Outing to Devon! A cultural exchange with Devon ringers, Sat May 23 @ 3pm

Hi everyone,

I hope this email finds you well.

I've been missing ringing outings very much, as I imagine many of you have
been also. So I'm excited to share that some ringers from Devon have been
in touch and would love to do a cultural exchange with us -- they're very
curious about ringing in Boston/Ringing Room and would love to share with
us about Devon call changes!

Everyone's invited for a 3pm Boston time / 8pm UK time Zoom call for
a ‘Boston/Devon Zoom Ringing Outing’, to be held on Saturday 23rd May.
There will be a loose structure, but plenty of time for general chatter. We
don't expect to go longer than an hour and a half, more likely about an

2:50pm:   Sign in, get comfortable + do intros
3pm:         Me/Leland chatting about ringing room and history of ringing
in Boston. Please feel free to pipe in; we're hoping to moderate a
discussion more than give a lecture!
3:15pm:    General comments, questions, chatter about Boston ringing
history etc
3:30pm:   Ian Avery gives a presentation about history of call changing in
3:50pm:   General comments, questions, chatter about ringing in Devon and
in general!

Zoom details will be forthcoming.

Best wishes,
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