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Floor waxing at Old North save the date March 17

   Similar to the procedure from last year, this is the general plan:
1) Regular small bits of tidying every time we are there from now on (ask Danielle for specifics - I am not a tidy person).
2) March 16th: Take a few dusting and vacuuming breaks during practice.  End practice a few minutes early, and move the boxes, brooms, etc (moveable objects that are not benches) to the landing above the stairs before the 1:15 tour group arrives.
3) March 17th: Laura and some other person get to ON before service ringing to remove the yellow benches and to wipe the floor.
4) service ringing
5) remove remaining benches, the stools, and the space heater.
6) apply wax.  The more people we have, the shorter time this takes.
7) leave the room alone overnight
8) March 18: Laura goes in on Monday afternoon to use the buffing machine (and put back some benches?)

Note that many objects will not be moved (remnant of 1890s frame, book case, rope box, TV table, file cabinet). We won't be able to wax under them, but the floor doesn't get scuffed up under them, either.

Laura Dickerson