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Re: Practices Gear Towardskff

Hi again. I apologize for the subject line. It was a placeholder and I forgot to change it to "Saturday Practices | New Beginners". 

Joseph Gurkan

On Fri, Jan 11, 2019, 11:03 AM Joseph Gurkan <jtg5505 gmail com wrote:
Hello ringers!

The MIT Guild of Bellringers (which rings at Old North Church and handbell practices) requires MIT members so the guild may be recognized and affiliated with our tower. Currently, we are in need of MIT members. To solve this issue, for January only, the guild has advertised our ringing practices as a non-credit offering. We will be expecting higher attendance of beginners than usual, especially of MIT members.  

So, on Saturday practices, for at least January, I will be devoting more time, not entirely, for handling. We want the beginners to have the most effective handling we can offer within the two hours we have. We want them to be impressed, return to our practices weekly, and join the guild. 
That being said, if you are available and can teach beginners, please do your best to come to practice. As of now, we have at least four beginners planning to attend.

Handling will not take up all of practice time. We want to demonstrate what we do. (What else is better than watching us?) There will be time for all levels to participate. 

Please let me know if you have any problems or concerns with this. Let me know if you definitely want to ring a certain method or exercise.

Joseph Gurkan
Ringing Master at Old North Church