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Re: ON practice time change

  This is a much more detailed version of the January - February schedule from  from Catherine Matthews,  taken from the Old North parishioners and friends weekly e newsletter:

>>I wanted to share with you our plans for Old North Church & Historic Site during January and most of February when low visitation and challenging weather encourage us to find an innovative, efficient, yet hospitable, way to share Old North with our guests. 

We are calling it the "house museum" model. What does that mean? Visitors will be welcomed for an in-depth exploration of the church at regularly scheduled hourly intervals. Tickets will be purchased in the gift shop, where the educators will gather the visitors, bring them to the church for a introductory talk and then the Behind the Scenes tour before being returned to the gift shop. We will accommodate our friends in the group tour business during two specific windows during the day, but otherwise, casual drop-in visitation will not resume until school vacation week in late February. The Clough House (chocolate shop and Patriots Corner) will be closed, again until school vacation week starts. The ticket price has been adjusted to reflect the fact that we cannot offer the full experience we do during the rest of the year. Finally, the hours will remain the same (10-4), but after a close analysis of winter visitation, we decided to close on Tuesdays during this period.

This plan enables us to staff wisely during a quiet time on the site, to plan for the ice and snow that make the site hard to navigate, and yet to give our visitors a wonderful experience.  

Starting this past Monday, tours are given Monday, and Wednesday through Saturday at 10:10, 11:10, 1:10, 2:10 and 3:10. Tours are offered Sunday at 1:10, 2:10 and 3:10 only. The campus is closed to visitors on Tuesday as mentioned above. Signs have been made for the front door of the church with this information.


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Old North have asked us to start the practice at 11:20 for the next 6 weeks. There will be a tour descending at about that time.

Also apologies for the entry issues last week. They will try to have someone in the narthex to let us in. If there is no one answering to a knock, please go to the gift shop.


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