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Re: Open house update

Two more driving hints...  
1. The driveway is on the left at the break in a long white post and rail fence.  
2. If you curve around to the left, you have gone too far, but keep going around, past small circle.  House is at the end.

On Wed, Dec 26, 2018, 3:31 PM Gregory Russell <gfr10598 gmail com wrote:
Looking forward to seeing folks on Saturday.  It would be helpful tomorrow to have a rough idea of how many people to expect, so please send me a short reply if you think you might be coming and roughly what time to expect you.  Plans change, so we won't hold you to it.

We are on a private gravel road.  Road is in fair condition, but its good to drive slowly, because there are shallow potholes and occasionally cars coming the other way.

  Using Google Maps, the best destination is here.  The is the end of our driveway.  Turn left into the driveway, and its about 150 feet to the parking area.

Waze seems to know exactly where our driveway is, so you can just put in the address: 70 Pine Tree Lane, Dracut, 01826.  (The pin is placed on the right, but the driveway is on the left).

If the parking gets crowded, please don't block the cut-through on the right.  You can pull through that cut-through, and park on the circle, in or next to the big shelter.

Hope to see you Saturday!
Greg and Cathy