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Re: reminders/news/question

I'm not *quite* there yet, but I know I will want the follow-on book soon --I'd be happy to pay for one for myself even if we don't get copies to give out. 


On Sunday, November 4, 2018, <lauradi rcn com> wrote:
  Hingham & Advent meeting next Saturday (the 10th). Hingham starts at noon. Please correspond with Josh about rides.

   If you can manage two activities in one morning, and have the inclination, next Saturday is also the annual brass polishing day at Old North (usually later in the month, but on the 10th this year).  It is a chance to touch antique items (the chandeliers and sconces from the sanctuary), chat, and consume things.  It starts at 9 AM in the parish house, and they are fine with people leaving early or arriving late. It's a good opportunity for ringer/parishioner contact.

   Also, less fun, the 10-11th  will be the beginning of four consecutive  weekends of Alewife to Harvard track work that will cause disruptions in Red line service - bus replacement will happen. If getting together with your carpool involves the Red Line, plan for extra time needed.  There are already complications on the D line, especially weekends, through mid-December.
    I am about to order a bunch of one-per-learner booklets.  We have a copy of the follow-on booklet in the tower at ON, but we don't generally hand them out to individuals.  Should that change?  I can order those as well.

Laura Dickerson