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Laura's POV of 2018 AGM weekend

      We didn't get there until Friday evening, so we missed the course and some general ringing.  People who participated in the course felt that it was useful, carefully organized to alternate classroom instruction and ringing what the students learned about (for many people, this was Grandsire Triples). 
At least sixteen ringing areas of North America were represented.  After some discussion but no direct questioning, the consensus guess was that nobody was younger than 50.  Except the dogs.  By my count, four dogs attended, but none of them rang.  The locations were very convenient - the places for meals, some of the lodging choices, a large crafts fair, and a small but tricky mini-golf course were each less than a ten minute walk from the church.  It's a pretty area, and some people went farther afield for their touristy choices.
The actual meeting was under an hour, which is unusual.  There was discussion of the upcoming centennial of the end of WWI.  Each area was encouraged to report local ringing observances.  I had assumed that the Ringing Remembers recruitment project was specific to the UK, but apparently some new learners in North America have registered as participants.  Anybody who has started handling since last November is eligible to register, and if they register soon, can get a commemorative badge
         People were glad to have Boston's bid for the 2019 AGM.  Some had hoped for Rochester, but the Rochester ringers are working toward hosting in 2021.  Within a couple of minutes after the meeting, we received concerned remarks about the distance to Orleans, transportation, and the lack of a course.  I mentioned the idea of a handbell course, and a number of people approved, but only three said (at this point) that they would definitely attend such a course.  Many people said they hope to be at the Boston AGM generally.  Meredith will take the NAGCR banners to DC in her car, and we'll figure out how to get them to Boston.  We have almost a year.
As stated in the subject line, this is about me.  I rang a plain course of Lincolnshire. I was startled to learn that the version of Waldorf Salad offered in the buffet at the banquet place included marshmallows, making it not vegetarian.  I missed the sallie during a Plain Bob  session.  Nothing bad happened, but Don M laughed at me, which was fair.  I had a clumsy weekend anyway - today I was trying to work out knee stiffness and kicked a box, startling everyone. 
We had a good time.

Laura Dickerson