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AGM bid planning meeting 20 August 8-9pm @ MIT 5-233

Dear all,

Boston ringers are planning on submitting a bid to host the AGM in 2019, as discussed in a meeting on Monday, June 11th 2018. In order not to flood the main listserv, we have started a listserv called boston-agm-2019 googlegroups com. Please join if you'd like to keep posted or get involved with the AGM bid/planning. After this email and one more after the 2018 AGM in late September (if we get the bid), we will not send to the main lists any more. 


The 2018 AGM is nearing, and it's time to have one last meeting to discuss where we are in terms of planning our bid to host in 2019. In particular, we will discuss our current financial situation, roles for volunteers, and any other comments/questions/concerns.

The meeting will be held, as last time, from 8pm - 9pm at MIT Building 5-233 on Monday, 20 August

If you won't be at the meeting but have thoughts to share, feel free to let me and Austin know and we will communicate your input at the meeting.

Best wishes,
Bryn and Austin