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Vote to Approve MIT Constitution of 2018

Ladies, Gentlemen, Variations Thereupon.

The moment of truth has arrived. It has been exactly two weeks since the publication of the MIT Guild of Bell Ringers Constitution of 2018. After hearing people's thoughts and comments, we've taken them into account and edited the document as such. Now it is time to vote for the approval of the second version of the 2018 constitution (2018-B). 

Attached is that version.

Will there be war? Will there be peace? Will the tenor never move from 8th place in call changes? Or will we get stickers when we strike evenly... no limit per ringer? We shall see in the results of this voting.

Please click here to cast your vote!

Joseph Gurkan

Attachment: MIT GoBR Const 2018-B DRAFT.pdf
Description: Adobe PDF document