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Re: Old North - Important

On 6/4/2018 6:00 PM, Ed Futcher via Boston-change-ringers wrote:
Old North has changed to a paid entry site. (http://oldnorth.com/plan-a-visit/) . Please see the note below, and if you encounter any issues please let me know so I can work with people at Old North. In particular, let's make sure that visitors are aware of this and are accompanied to the ringing chamber.

       I propose a modified version of the system used in the 1980s, which is similar to what happens at the Advent now.  At that time, the tower door remained locked throughout practice. If ringers arrived late (visitors or regular ringers), they flipped the light switch (just like the notification after the Sunday service or a wedding), and someone would go down to let them in. . From the note below, the doorkeeper educators would be expected to recognize those of us who tend to be there, and let us in. This way,  visitors could get in without one of us spending lots of time hanging about downstairs waiting.  We could add this information ("ask the educator to flash the light") to our NAGCR listing and maybe Dove's online, so that visitors would know what to do.

Laura Dickerson

Today we moved to paid admission at Old North.  I don't expect that it will have any impact on the ease with which the ringers access the tower, but I did want to give you a heads-up.   We are now asking our educators to be mindful that our visitors are wearing their admission stickers.   If we find that there is repeated confusion or that the ringers are asked a lot if they need help finding the admission booths, then we can talk about whether we generate some sort of badge or card for the guild members.

If at all possible, when you have guests for the ringing chamber, could a member of the guild either provide their names in advance OR wait downstairs to bring them up?  I want your guests to have an easy and hospitable entrance to the tower too.

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