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Minutes of the Advent Guild of Bellringers Annual Meeting 2017

Minutes of the Advent Guild of Bellringers Annual Meeting, Nov 2017

In attendance: Margaret, Corey, Ricky, Sarah, Shannon, Elaine, Greg, Josh, 
Tom, Abby, Joe, John B, Alison, Austin

(I apologize, but I don’t know everyone’s last name, so I’m leaving them 
all out.)

- The minutes from last year were brought up for review. No one had any 
additions or corrections.

- The to-do list from last years meeting was gone over:

        - the vacuum cleaner was procured
        - a new wall clock was put up
        - Greg was added to the bank account
        - we did not get three new ropes
        - we think we have been notifying the church of upcoming quarters 
and peals
        - Michael has taken over sending the reminder email about the 
Google Docs Spreadsheet
        - a new bolt was procured for the 5

(when talking about adding Greg to the bank account, he was asked to give 
his treasurer’s report early; I have placed it below with the rest of the 
officer reports)

- New members were voted in by affirmation:
        - Alison, Corey, Julia, Shannon, Tom, Sarah, Joe

- Officer reports were given:

        - Ringing master: Ed wasn’t present, but he has been organizing 
handbell and tower quarters and peals
        - Tower captain: “we still have a tower, we still have practices”
        - Treasurer: the Guild currently has a checking account and a 
savings account. The checking account has $1964; the savings account has 
$1376; all told the Guild has $3340 in the bank. “Not enough for an air 
conditioning system or a car, but enough for lots of hammers,” as Greg put 
it. Greg also explained what we use our dues for (ropes and, apparently, 
hammers), and the purpose of the cash box on the wall (petty cash and 
change for parking passes).
        - Steeplekeeper: Josh says that nothing is likely to break, 
although there are some issues he is looking at with the 2. He replaced 
the staple bolt on the 5, thus returning us to using the new (well, 8-odd 
years old) clapper, instead of the however-many-years-older clapper we had 
been using for a bit. A new rope is on the 3, and the runner board of the 
2 has been made a bit more even. He made a new slider (nominally for the 
2) with help from Jeff DP, but sadly the sizing is incorrect, so work 
remains to be done. We had a belfry cleaning, including vacuuming, 
cleaning oil around the bearings on the 5, and oiling the clappers of the 
5 & 6. He will send out a more complete report. He had many thanks to 
offer to many people for helping him this last year.
        - Secretary: Genni wasn’t present, but told Elaine that holiday 
cards were sent out last year, and there should be sufficient holiday 
cards remaining for at least this year.
        - Church liaison: Ed wasn’t present; Elaine notes that we rung 
both a quarter peal and a peal to commemorate Father Wood’s departure, and 
they we both well-received by the church community.

- There was a discussion, not really related to the meeting, about rides 
to Hingham for this upcoming Saturday’s area meeting.

- The topic of hosting an NAGCR AGM was brought up, and it was decided 
that, as we weren’t proximately responsible for it in the next year, we 
could continue this discussion over email. (People were starting to filter 
out of the service, and we hadn’t elected new officers.)

- New officers were elected, all by affirmation (or acclimation? I’m not 
sure I know the difference in this setting…):
        - Ringing master: Ed to continue in this position, at least for 
organizing quarters and peals; he and the new tower captain will figure 
out running Sunday practice
        - Tower captain: Austin
        - Treasurer: Greg to continue
        - Steeplekeeper: Josh to continue
        - Secretary: Ricky to do meeting minutes and organize the holiday 
cards for one year only
        - Clapper correspondent: Laura to continue, if she is amenable
        - Church liaison: Ed to continue, if he is amenable

- Keys to the church were handed from Elaine to Austin

- The meeting was adjourned