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Re: Ringing for Michaelmas?

Well, we have me and Ricky, and probably also Abby and Danielle, AND the go-ahead from the church, so I think we're good to go!  We could definitely use a couple of additional ringers though: anyone else available? 


On Thu, Sep 28, 2017 at 9:22 AM, Father Warren <rector theadventboston org> wrote:
Dear Josh,

That would be excellent !!


At 10:14 PM 9/27/2017, you wrote:
Dear Fr. Warren, and fellow bellringers,
  Several of us were talking about the possibility of ringing for the Church of the Advent's Michaelmas service this Friday.  (Partly because hey, ringing; partly because I believe St. Michael is one possible patron saint for church towers.)  Fr. Warren, would that be OK/desirable from the church's perspective? 
If we get the go-ahead on this, who would be interested?  We'd be ringing from about 6:00 until the organ introit began (probably 6:15), and then anyone who was still around would ring the bells down after the service (probably around nine) and then (at least in my case) go to the traditional gala reception.

--Josh Burson