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Thought experiment

    I meant to write this yesterday, but forgot. 
    John B asked once why it has been so long since Boston hosted an AGM. 
I have been thinking about it, and wonder whether there would be any 
support for a very stripped-down weekend similar to the one in 2008 that 
was a celebration of the 25 years since the rehanging at Old North. What 
if we offere just a weekend, not a ourse. Only the usual ringing times at 
ON. Afternoon ringing each day at the Advent, lots of handbell 
opportunities. Working around AA so that we could have a dinner of potluck 
food in Moseley Hall.  Those of us who have space could host people, 
otherwise we'd suggest Air b n b. No registration fee? No  swag. No 
packets. My point here is to see if we can make it cost almost nothing, to 
make up for the fact that we are sort of at a corner of our ringing 
continent, so transportation is an expensive nuisance. 
  Thoughts? If a site is needed for next year's AGM, should I offer this 

Laura Dickerson