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NAGCR AGM info is available

   For people who don't know, the guild has an annual weekend that does 
include a business meeting, but is mostly ringing and consuming things and 
hanging around with other ringers. This year it is over US Labor Day 
weekend in Toronto, where there are twelve regular tower bells plus an 
eight-bell mini-ring available (and handbells). 

Flights go to either the downtown airport, or Pearson. The cheapest 
nonstop flights seem to be on Westjet, with Porter next, but not cheap. 
Still, for cost comparison purposes, tickets for the Lady Gaga shows at 
Fenway Park that same weekend start at $250.00.
 Alternatively, it would be at least a nine hour drive, plus whatever 
being a holiday weekend adds to slowness.  

The bells are nice, the people are nice, and there is a great shoe museum 

Laura Dickerson