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did someone borrow some kids' books from the Old North ringing room?

At some point, somebody bought a copy of "Paul Revere and the Bell Ringers," which is still on the bookshelf. Over time, I bought three more books about Revere that including mention of the bells, including Lane Smith's "John, Paul, George, and Ben," from which we took the quotation about people joining bellringing clubs before fun was invented. I noticed that one of the books was missing a while back (I can't remember the title), and then yesterday I realized that Smith's book was gone as well. Has anybody borrowed them? In the distant past, we had a system for checking out books to take home, but that lapsed. (fun fact - I can't remember a surprise method for more than a few minutes at a time, but I remember that Chris Jenks borrowed the tower copy of Morris's "History and Art of Change Ringing" in the early 1980s and never returned it).

Laura Dickerson