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Old North save the date + floor

The vicar has requested ringing before and after the Lantern Service (16 April), similar to a wedding - fifteen minutes of ringing from 7:45 - 8:00 PM, no ringing during the service, fifteen or twenty minutes after the service (approx 9:00 PM until 9:20 PM).  That is a lot of hanging around time compared to not much ringing, but it's a big deal for the church, and anybody who wants to attend the service may do so if we let them know names in advance. It's hard to get tickets otherwise.  I'll try to bring snacks. They also sometimes offer us the leftovers from the reception.  I hope all the learners who have never rung for a holiday will be able to do so by then - lots of time to practice beforehand.  Note that it is also Easter, so one assumes those bells will have had a busy day already. 

The ringing room floor is newly waxed and buffed, very shiny.  It is simultaneously a bit sticky and slippery, which seems confusing, but it's true.  Have a care.  Thanks to Austin, Danielle, Greg, Josh, Phoebe, Ricky (and me) for doing so much preparatory cleaning and the waxing itself.  We went with our traditional beeswax and olive oil mixture, so there is no yucky outgassing happening.  We didn't do anything to the steps but sweep, so no extra fear of slipping on the stairs. 

Laura Dickerson