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Re: Christmas ringing

Hi! I sent out a message this morning, but maybe it didn't go through? 
There will not be practice this Saturday.


> On Dec 22, 2016, at 1:34 PM, Joshua Burson <joshburson09 gmail com> 
> wrote:
> Is practice happening this Saturday at Old North?  I'd love to go, but 
> it doesn't look to me like we're going to have enough people...
> Meantime, on Christmas Day it looks at the moment as though it's just 
> going to be Geoff and me; but it would be great if anyone else wanted to 
> come.  
> The service at Church of the Advent is going to start a little early 
> (11:00), by the way; and if memory serves, we're not planning on ringing 
> at Old North.
> Happy Holidays!
> --Josh
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