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Way to learn to conduct triples methods?

    Danielle said something to Ricky on Saturday about knowing th calling 
positions in Stedman triples. It reminded me of this recent postto the r-c 
list.  I don't know if I could manage it, but I'd like to try, if others 
are interested.
e are in the habit at St Paul's, Brum of often ringing 
silent touches of stedman triples or grandsire triples.  The touches are 
announced immediately beforehand, and written on a flipchart which is 
placed in the centre of the circle for all to see.  They are always odd 
bob touches of some complexity.   The emphasis is not on self-calling 
from memory but on self-calling accurately so visual aids are fine, but 
its only the touch which is shown in the format of 1, 2, 4s, 7, 8 (10)  

Most of the ringers who participate have never called a quarter or a 
peal before and many have never called anything at all.  But the 
discipline is fantastic, or needs to be!  Ringers who have never dreamed 
of calling a touch, or who had no aspiration or confidence to try, can 
learn very quickly how to do it.  All team members are equal and this is 
aesthetically very pleasing.<<
- Richard Grimmett

Laura Dickerson