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Fwd: Old North Benefit gala

     I've already sent this to some folks, but didn't get any takers, so I'm opening it up to everybody in the wider area.

    The Old North bellringers have been offered two tickets (at no charge)  for the Old North fundraising party on Thursday evening (the 19th).  This is the description I was given:


>> When  -  Thursday, March 19 from 6-9 PM 

    Where -  Filippo's Ristorante, 283 Causeway Street, North End (2nd floor)
    Attire  -  Whatever you are comfortable wearing.  Some folks will be in business attire, some in casual dress, and some will be in costume (really!).  The theme for this year's Gala is Spring Forward - Italian Style!
    Menu  -  Stuffed mushrooms, pasta primavera w/chicken, polenta (three ways - tomato sauce, herbs and sausage, and pesto), bruschetta, and roast porchetta w/Italian herbs and spices
    Entertainment  -  A DJ who takes requests and a large space for dancing.<<
  If you're interested, please let me know right away - I have to RSVP by Tuesday (tomorrow) evening.