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Minutes from 2014 Advent Guild meeting (20 August 2014)

Hi! As Genni is out of the country, I took minutes at the meeting. I'm not 
sure if this is the proper format for reporting them, but it's what I've 

- John called the meeting
- unless otherwise specified, all votes were voice votes by acclamation

- Membership
        - Cally nominated, and Ricky 2nd, the following new members:
                - Scott
                - Rachel
                - Pi
                - Mo
                - Myles
                - Courtney
                - Emma

- Treasurer report (Dale)
        - we have ~ $3000
        - "we're doing fine"

- Steeple-keeper report (Elaine)
        - "they're still up there"
        - "ropes are good for another year"
        - Cally asked that in the future, we try to splice in the correct 
size tail end for the bell in question (cf. the current 5)

- Church liaison (Dale)
        - Dale asked if we want to make a fuss about getting the walls 
        - Danielle, Ricky, John, Cally all note that we don't care about 
the repainting per se; we want the church to do something to stop the dust 
from coming down
        - a vague suggestion was that we might also look at doing some 
kind of work day to do things like repair the table in the resting room

- Tower Captain report (John)
        - "we've been ringing"

- Elections
        - Tower captain
                - Danielle; nominated by Dale, 2nd by John
                - Dale; nominated by Elaine, declined by Dale
                - Danielle was elected to replace John
        - Ringing master
                - Dale; nominated by Danielle, 2nd by Ricky
                - Dale was elected to replace Danielle
        - Treasurer
                - Mel; nominated by Danielle
                - Mel was elected to replace Dale
        - Ventilation officer
                - Scott; nominated by Cally
                - Myles; nominated by Cally
                - Scott was elected to continue
        - Secretary
                - Genni; nominated by Ricky, 2nd by Danielle (who had 
asked Genni prior to the meeting if she minded)
                - Genni was elected to continue
        - Steeple-keeper
                - Elaine; nominated by John, 2nd by Cally
                - Elaine was elected (with some mention of showing Mel the 
ropes :-) to continue
        - Clapper correspondent and NAGCR representative
                - Laura was elected to continue
        - Church liaison
                - Dale was elected to continue