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Universities listing CCCBR site

  While I don't actually expect any potential ringers to be recruited by listing the MIT guild on the Central Council universities list, I feel that we need to be there anyway.  They update it about once a year,

and it's getting to be that time, so there has been a call for corrections. 

Current list:


  The first thing I noticed was that I forgot to list handbells, a pretty severe omission.  My other questions:  Do I add Advent practice?  The MIT Guild site,  linked from the CCCBR page  http://bellringers.scripts.mit.edu/www/  does show handbells and Advent practices  on the calendar listing.   Do I point out that these practices are all open to anybody, not just students (I think that is presumed, probably - lots of non-students attend the practices at St Olave's in London, for example). Should Scott (presumably) make some sort of Northeastern-specific page or Facebook group that I can link to?


    Thanks for any input - I won't be at ringing occasions in person until the 6th (we don't seem to have been asked to ring for the North End Night Out on the 5th), so please email me with comments.

Laura Dickerson