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Re: Orleans area meeting July 19th

Looks like we have several people interested, and enough offering rides that carpooling should be easy.  I'll wait to hear from one or two more before arranging cars, so let me know soon if you need a ride.
Two changes - Sr. Alicia says that we cannot start ringing until noon, so the meeting will run noon to 5 pm.  She suggests eating an early lunch and we can ring right through the afternoon.
Sarah and Tom Moriarty have a house a few miles farther up the Cape, and have offered to let anyone sleep there either Friday night or Saturday night if you want to make a longer trip.  Sarah is cced, so email her directly.  Thanks, Sarah!

Ringers going from Boston right now are:
Mel (maybe)
Whitings (maybe)
Elaine (?)
Mike Harrison
Alan Durfee (?)

On Mon, Jun 30, 2014 at 9:14 AM, Danielle Morse <dmorsebell gmail com> wrote:
Orleans is having an area meeting on Saturday July 19th - sounds like a good beach/ringing day trip!
I will organize rides, email me if you would like a ride or can offer a ride.