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4th of July + weekend ringing & eating opportunities

Friday July 4th

Old North  noon-1 PM  Open ringing - anything from rounds onward.


Potluck picnic at the Church of the Advent  7 PM   That will give us time to eat outdoors before bugs start biting, and to clean up.  The concert starts at 8:30.  They have not put the program booklet

online yet, so I don't know when the 1812 Overture will be played.  Sometime before 10 PM, presumably.  The main fireworks begin at 10:30 PM.


Saturday July 5th

 Only Geoff and I have signed up to be at ON practice.  Possibly we should cancel it, but let me know soon if you're planning to be there.


Sunday  June 6th

Service ringing as usual at the Advent

Quarter peal attempt at ON service ringing time.