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Fwd: 50th Anniversary Celebration at the Cathedral in DC - Memorial Day Weekend

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Subject: 50th Anniversary Celebration at the Cathedral in DC - Memorial Day Weekend
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2014 09:31:57 -0400
From: Beth Sinclair <BSinclair policystudies com>

To all NAG Area Reps – 

We have a note up on the NAG website but could you also please share this e-mail with your local ringers? 

We are excited to announce that this Memorial Day (May 24-26) we at WRS will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the dedication of the Cathedral’s central tower and “our” bells.  Installation of the 10-bell ring at the Cathedral was a very important chapter in the history of ringing in North American and we are planning many activities that weekend to celebrate the occasion including:

·         Celebratory ringing throughout the weekend at the Cathedral, OPOT, and Frederick.

·         Dinner Saturday 24 at Hearst Hall (the building off the NW corner of the Cathedral).  Note: the dinner ticket includes food (obviously) as well as beer, wine, and non-alc beverages.

·         A preservation tour (repairing the damage from the August 2011 earthquake) and a panel discussion (50 years of history) on Saturday May 24 in the morning.

·         Ringer inclusion in the Sunday May 25 Eucharist at 11 and Evensong at 4.


The on-line registration form is now up and running and you can use it to (1) reserve spots at the dinner, (2) order the 50th anniversary polo shirt*, and (3) indicate what ringing and other activities you are interested in being part of during the celebration.  Most of the ringing activities have not been formalized yet because we want to hear from folks who are planning to attend first - when are you available and what are you interested in ringing?  We plan to have a lot of ringing over the weekend that includes general ringing, quarters, and peals to make sure everyone can be part of festivities and plan set the bands and finalize the agenda in May based on what we learn from registration.  Note that if you are registering for dinner for more than one person, you can either do multiple individual registrations or register as a group.  If you want to order more than one shirt, e-mail me and we can sort that out offline.


Here is the link to the SECURE on-line registration form:  http://bit.ly/wrs50.


Please keep two deadlines in mind:

May 5:  If you want to order a 50th anniversary polo shirt, you need to do so by May 5.  

May 14:  We need dinner reservations by this date so that we can finalize the counts with the caterer.  Also please provide information on what you want to ring by May 14 so that we can include you in the ringing activities.


Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions!  We’re looking forward to this celebration and hope that lots of you will be able to be part of it.




*The shirts will be the same purple as the regular Washington Ringing Society shirts but have the special logo (see attached file) that Rick DuPuy designed for this occasion.


PS:  I apologize if folks have received more than one notice of this event!  We at WRS want to be sure folks in North America are aware of this celebration but is difficult to determine who is (and isn’t) part of the various mailing lists.

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