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RE: Orleans ringing May 17


I’ll be in UK on May 17 – sorry to miss it.

Best regards to all.



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From: Danielle Morse [mailto:dmorsebell gmail com]
Sent: Sunday, April 20, 2014 2:35 PM
To: bcr
Subject: Orleans ringing May 17


Boston Ringers,

Douglas Bell and friends are coming to Cape Cod in May (before going up to the Quebec Weekend) and have proposed a ringing/socializing day at Orleans on Saturday May 17.  Hopefully it'll be less rainy than last year!  I'm happy to arrange rides for those that want to go - let me know if you need or can offer a ride.


PS - I'm sorry I sent this so late after Orleans confirmed.  It got lost in my email and from my brain...


Dear Sister Alicia


OK, it's a done deal. Saturday 17 May.


We'll host a late afternoon/early evening BBQ at the house - out on the lawn overlooking the marsh if it's fine or in the big living room if it's not after the ringing day.


Best Wishes



To: douglas_bell_uk hotmail com
Subject: Re: An Update
From: aliciamitman aol com
Date: Fri, 14 Mar 2014 17:22:15 -0400

Dear Douglas,

    I think we can make May 17 work for a ringing day. Not all of our people will be available for all day but if any Boston ringers want to come down they would be most welcome.
    Looking forward to seeing you again! and ringing together!

Sr Alicia




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From: Douglas Bell <douglas_bell_uk hotmail com>
To: Alicia Mitman <aliciamitman aol com>
Sent: Sat, Mar 1, 2014 1:17 pm
Subject: An Update

Dear Sister Alicia


We will be arriving in Boston, picking up a hire car & driving to Rock Harbor on Cape Cod on Friday 16 May 2014 rather than on Thursday as previously arranged as Philip needs to work that day. We should arrive in Rock Harbor at about 18h30 – 19h00.


In the party staying at the house that you have arranged for us to let us will be my partner Philip Goodyer, Chris & Heather Pickford – all of whom you met last year – and Lyn Barnett from Atlanta.


All five of us will be driving up to Québec City on Thursday 22 May in time for their Ringing Weekend starting on Friday 23 May.


While on Cape Cod we will participate fully in all the ringing as we did last year.


At Ring-Around-Charleston last weekend I mentioned to Danielle Morse from Boston that we would be there and I invited her to sound out any Boston ringers who may like to come out to Orleans for a ringing day – on Saturday 17 May as I imagine that would suit them better rather than Sunday or a week night.


Should some of the Boston ringers like to come out to Rock Harbor it would considerably enhance the ringing opportunities for the local team.


I would be happy to host a post-ringing, late-afternoon BBQ at the beautiful house overlooking the marsh for all the local Orleans ringers as well as any Boston ringers who may come out for the day.


Best Wishes