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Don't forget to vote

For those that are members of the NAGCR, please do take the trouble to
fill out and return the ballot you should have received recently.

It is a complicated set of dueling amendments to the constitution or
by-laws. I think most folks now understand that the option to amend
the constitution is inappropriate, and my understanding is that the
Executive Committee would simply have withdrawn that one, had they not
gotten the AGM explicitly to approve its inclusion on the ballot. That
leaves three choices, the two proposed amendments to the by-laws, or
no change at all. The two proposed amendments do differ in several
regards, but the major difference is the time limit they provide, one
month or four months. Beside the ballot per se, you should have been
provided with detailed rationals supplied by their proposers.

Unsurprisingly, I personally favor the one I proposed, with four
months, though in fact I started with a longer time frame, and reduced
it to four months in a spirit of compromise. However, whichever you
prefer, please do vote. Given all the unhappiness and friction
disallowed peals have caused, it would be best to have whatever is
decided reflect the will of the whole Guild, and not just a tiny
subset of it.

Don Morrison <dfm ringing org>
"It has been asserted by the American Medical Association that trying
to 'see' three-dimensional closed geometries can raise your blood
pressure to dangerous levels."
            -- Marcello Gleiser, _The Dancing Universe_