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Re: Ringing for lantern service

On 3/16/2013 10:45 AM, Richard Morse wrote:
Hi! For the lantern service, we've been asked by Old North to ring for 
about 20 minutes before the service (7:40-8p) and then for 20 minutes 
after (9p-9:20p). Would people come for this? (I don't know the date 
easily, but it's a Sunday, which may be a practice Sunday as well if we 
have Sunday practices in April.)

It's April 14th, the evening before Patriot's Day. That is the 2nd Sunday, which might affect practice. Arthur & I will commit to being there for the whole time 7:40 - 9:20 time if needed.
 Blurb about the service here
We need to let the church know in advance if ringers want to attend the service (between bouts of ringing). Dorcas always goes to the service. I've been once (out of 30+ years of ringing). Jill Lapore (the guest speaker) is good. Hanging out in the North End that evening can be fun for people who like to tourist-watch, especially because of the tourists in question are runners. Many of the marathon folks who don't go to the official pasta dinner eat in the North End instead. (or maybe I'm the only one who finds that entertaining).
Laura Dickerson