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Re: Pictures/Videos of Bell Ringers

Thanks! I think they want in particular stuff from Old North -- the use is 
for a show on the church. However thanks for finding them!


On 2 Feb 2013, at 8:11 PM, OldMalden wrote:

> I have two videos - one at Groton I shot myself and another of rounds at 
> Advent. They are 4 MB and 14 MB - hence my other message.  I cancelled 
> the post when I realized they were so big.
> I can put them on our company ftp server for a short while if anyone is 
> interested?
> Kerry
> From: Richard Morse [mailto:pukku mac com] 
> Sent: Friday, February 01, 2013 15:57
> To: Boston Change Ringers
> Subject: Fwd: Pictures/Videos of Bell Ringers
> Hi! What footage do we have that we could send?
> Thanks,
> Ricky
> Begin forwarded message:
> From: education oldnorth com
> Date: February 1, 2013, 3:35:01 PM EST
> To: Richard Morse <pukku mac com>
> Subject: Pictures/Videos of Bell Ringers
> Hi Ricky, 
> Hope you are doing well. A producer from C-SPAN called me today. Last 
> summer he shot footage of the church with Bob Damon and will be turning 
> it into a 2 piece show on the church and it's history. He was looking 
> for pictures or video of the bells or bell ringers in the process of 
> ringing the bells. He said all he has now is the footage shot while he 
> was here this summer when the chamber was empty, and a photo from the 
> 1960s with Northeastern bell ringers. I don't think we have any dificial 
> footage here so I thought I would e-mail you and see if the guiild had 
> anything they wanted to contribute.  He would need it by Monday 
> afternoon. I apologize for the short notice! Let me know. Thanks!!
> Noelle
> Noelle Alvey
> Assistant Director for Education
> Old North Foundation of Boston
> 193 Salem Street
> Boston,MA 02113
> 617-523-6676