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Ringing practice this weekend at Old North

Hi! This weekend is a *Sunday* practice, starting at 2p, at Old North.

Note that it is projected to be cold on Sunday. Depending on how people 
are doing, we may end practice early (ie, at 3p). Please wear warm 
(ringable) clothing. This is also the last Sunday that we are meeting 
people at MIT -- I think we need someone do this this weekend, as Naomi 
will be out of state.

Also, we have received permission to have Sunday practices in February. 
I'll put them on the calendar, but in February, there will be Saturday 
practices on the 2nd and the 16th, and Sunday practices on the 10th and 
the 24th.

There will be lunch before practice (for those who have not been to one 
before) -- come to the church just before 1p, and join up with us if you 
so desire.

See you then,