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Advent Guild meeting: propose Wed 1 August

It's been entirely too long since we've had an Advent guild business meeting.

No-one has (yet) signed out of practice for August 1, so I propose to have a
meeting then.  Let's pretend we can conduct our business in an hour or less,
and we'll celebrate by having a lovely (but short) practice afterwards.

On the floor:
Election of officers:

Ringing master: currently Emily (or do I have it backwards again?)

Tower captain: currently Elaine
  (I'm willing to carry on, but I'm not the least insulted if someone else is
willing to do it; god knows any of you would do a better job!)

Treasurer : currently Oliver, who's leaving town within the month

Steeplekeeper: currently Asher, who no longer lives on this continent...

Secretary: currently Genni, yes?
   (any chance you can find the minutes from our last meeting?  I find some from the MIT guild from May 2011, but
not from Advent...)

I'm sure I'm forgetting something

Other business:
electing new members:
{time to elect Dan before he leaves, er,...(sorry!)]

what else?