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Re: [WRS] Tuesday practices in July

I trust you'll be ringing while you're there....

On Fri, Jul 6, 2012 at 12:11 AM, Mary <josephwc aol com> wrote:
> Dear WRS,
> I will be on my way to Cambridge, MA Sunday morning and wanted to give 
> you
> a heads up that I will not be returning 'til around August 5 (unsure of 
> the
> exact date yet).
> While I'm gone, the following people have graciously agreed to lead the
> Tuesday night practices:
> July 10: Tom Schutt
> July 17: Tom Schutt
> July 24: Beth Sinclair
> July 31: Cecily Rock
> If you have any concerns or comments regarding a particular practice
> night, please contact the person in charge for that night.
> All the best for great ringing in July!
> Mary

Don Morrison <dfm ringing org>
"After all these years I have observed that beauty, like happiness,
is frequent. A day does not pass when we are not, for an instant,
in paradise."
        -- Jorge Luis Borges, _Los Conjurados_, tr Willis Barnstone