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4th of July!

Hi all -

   The Fourth of July is coming up, and with it our potluck picnic and ringing for the Pops 1812 Overture!  Potluck picnic to start around 7pm in the garden / parish hall at Advent (there will be a quarter peal attempt beforehand at 6pm; ringers should know who they are), and after we've eaten and cleaned up we'll move upstairs for an abbreviated regular practice.
   Ringing for the 1812 will be around 9:45 or thereabouts (though we should be ready good and early); for those who have not participated before, this consists of a burst of Rounds for several minutes, out of which the Pops sound techs will pipe in whatever they need for us to provide the bells toward the end of the 1812.
   Everyone is welcome for the picnic and practice, including learners and non-ringing friends!  To ring for the 1812 you should be comfortable ringing good Rounds, but learners and friends are welcome to hang around and socialize while we're waiting, as well.  We usually go try (with mixed success) to find a decent vantage point for the fireworks after we're done ringing.
         ~ Emily