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Bellringer Election Saturday

Hi All,

The MIT Guild of Bellringers' annual election will take place at the 11am practice at Old North Church this Saturday, May 19.
This meeting is also a good time to check up on practice times, bell condition/status, etc.

I propose that we hold the meeting at the beginning of practice, at 11am.
(Please advise if you think holding the meeting later in the practice would be better.  Thank you.)

If you will be unable to attend, please delegate someone to act for you.  This will ensure that we have a quorum, and also allow your voice to be heard if you have any specific concerns you would like addressed.
Of course, it's only fair to pass on the wisdom that those who do not come to the meeting tend to get elected to office.

So far we have self-nominations for the offices of:
Keeper of Handbells - Cally
Clapper Correspondent - Laura

We need the following positions filled:
- President (Student)
- Treasurer / Secretary (Student)
- Keeper of Handbells
- Steeple Keeper
- Ringing Master
- Clapper Correspondent
- Director of Tune Ringers
- Historian
- Webmaster

Thank you, and see you on Saturday!


On May 10, 2012, at 9:03 AM, Naomi D Schurr wrote:

Hi Everyone,

It looks like our elections meeting will happen at the Saturday, May 19 practice at Old North Church.

Our Constitution can be found here:

Please continue to let me know whether you will be available or not, if you haven't already, and any positions you may be willing to hold.
An e-mail with more information will come out in the next few days.  Thank you!


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