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Elections Meeting

Hi All,

It's time for the annual MIT Guild of Bellringers elections meeting.
This year, the election will happen at a regularly scheduled tower 

I'd like to get a feel for how many people will be available on either 
Sunday, May 13, or following weekend, Saturday, May 19.
(I prefer Saturday, but I've heard that Sundays are better-attended in 
Please let me know your availability (or unavailability, as it may be), 
and any positions you may be willing to hold.

The positions list from last year includes:
>>> - President (Student)
>>> - Treasurer / Secretary (Student)
>>> - Keeper of Handbells
>>> - Steeple Keeper
>>> - Ringing Master
>>> - Clapper Correspondent
>>> - Director of Tune Ringers
>>> - Historian
>>> - Webmaster

The president and treasurer must be current MIT students, but the other 
positions are open to all members.

Thank you!