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BellBoard, Campanophile

Campanophile has been down for a while, due to server disruption. While Tony Parry has said that he is trying to get it going again with a new server, a number of people seem to be acting as though that won't happen. In either case, Richard A Smith has devised a substitute that is hosted by the Ringing World site. Any quarter or peal that submitted to the RW is being added automatically, and things on Campanophile prior to August and in the RW since August are supposed to be there as well, in theory, but I have doubts. I haven't registered for an account yet, but one can do some things without it. It's my impression that a search requires exact names (ie a search for Dickerson gets no results, but a search for Laura Dickerson gets all my records from 2002 through 2010). I've just started fiddling with it, and it's still "under development," so I don't know what will happen over time.
Laura Dickerson